Monday, June 7, 2021

No More Juice Boxes For My Kids Thanks To Sunnydew Stevia

If you don’t want your kids (or you) drinking sugary fruit juices all summer long, this recipe has worked for us.  No more juice boxes for my kids. And I don’t have to worry their teeth are going to rot  from drinking so much juice anymore. 😎

2 oz fruit juice or lemonade

2 drops Sunnydew stevia that I market 

4 oz water 


PS- the reason I use this stevia as opposed to other stevia is because it’s the only one I’ve found that only has two ingredients that are both plant based.  Other stevia brands add in artificial sweeteners.  Plus there’s no funky aftertaste in this one. 

Wanna try?  Here’s the shop link for SUNNYDEW STEVIA HERE

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Beat Your Junk Food Cravings With Calli Tea?

 “Ever since I’ve been drinking that Calli Tea everyday it’s like I don’t have cravings for anything.  I ate a donut today and didn’t even want it.  I tried drinking a Coke and didn’t want that either.  I don’t even want coffee in the afternoon anymore. It’s annoying.” -my husband yesterday, the most skeptical person I know😂

I had to laugh.  My sister and I talk about this all the time.  About how when we drink our Calli Tea everyday like we are supposed to, we don’t drink afternoon coffees like we always have and pop doesn’t taste good like it used to.  Plus we don’t have fast food cravings anymore.

So to my husband the skeptic, who isn’t always happy that I’m spending  money on “those Chinese herbs”. I saw you make yourself 2 pitchers of Calli Tea yesterday.  I’m sorry but it’s not my fault that this stuff works. 😜

Cleanse and protect with every sip

Free of artificial sweeteners, sugar, fat, and added caffeine, Calli Tea, which is a savory blend of green tea and herbs nourishes with antioxidants and aids your body’s natural cleansing processes

We notice when we drink Calli Tea and nourish our body, our junk food cravings diminish.  And as we start to cleanse, we have more energy and feel good instead of dragging through the day.

Want help with that?

Calli Tea comes in 10 packs and 60 packs.  Regular, Mint, and Cinnamon Flavors as well as our Calli Night.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

How Sunbreeze Essential Oil Helped My Achy Neck And Shoulder Muscles

“I can’t believe it but I’m not using ibuprofen anymore.”

If you are someone that gets headaches sore neck and shoulders muscles, or achy knees the first thing you might turn to is ibuprofen.  Truth is, using ibuprofen long term can be dangerous to your health.

Good news is, there is a better way. If you’re wanting to find a more natural alternative for pain relief.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I'm introducing a product for people who have a stiff neck and tight achy shoulder muscles, like I always did.

Before using this product I always had constant pain in my neck and shoulders which made me grouchy and tired. I know what I put on my skin goes in my body, so I was looking for something natural. 

My Massage Therapist told me about this Chinese essential oil called Sunbreeze Oil, that she was having success with, so I gave it a try and it worked. The pain in my neck and shoulders felt soothed... naturally.  Without ibuprofen.

Now I use Sunbreeze Oil on all my clients. 

Sunbreeze Essential Oil

As I apply it, I explain that this is like "acupressure in a bottle", it brings the body's energy to the area you apply it on to encourage circulation and healing. They immediately feel the soothing relief on their achy muscles and headaches and they love finding a natural alternative for pain relief. 

We  call Sunbreeze Essential Oil our 911 Oil because we use it for so many other things besides achy muscles. 

-Sinus Congestion- 




-Sore Throat- 

-Bad Breath- 

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bring A Little Relaxation Into Your Home with Sunrider Kandesn Conditioner and Calli Night


Who doesn't love a good scalp massage? This is always my favorite part of getting a massage. We hold so much tension in our heads and it feels so good when some of the tension is released, but have you noticed it's never the same when you massage your own scalp?

Our Kandesn Conditioner can help with that.  

The Kandesn Conditioner is a wonderful scalp treatment that I call a scalp massage in a bottle.  It uses essential oils to promote circulation in your scalp.  I massage the conditioner into my scalp and leave it in for 3 to 5 minutes. It creates a tingly effect that instantly relaxes you and makes tension melt away.  It feels so good.

Plus you get the added bonus of turning your shower into aromatherapy session .... breathe in the rosemary and peppermint oil smell to help balance your mind and body.  It smells amazing.

After your scalp treatment, stay relaxed with a cup of our Calli Night.  Our soothing herbal tea helps take off the nervous energy and relax your body and mind with a special blend of passion flower, camellia leaf, and other calming herbs. Drink it before bedtime to promote restful sleep or sip it during the day to enhance hydration, ease tension, and melt away stress.

To bring a little relaxation into your home, place your order for Kandesn Conditioner and Calli Night

Monday, April 5, 2021

Is One Soda A Day So Bad? Here’s Why I Switched To Fortune Delight Tea

If you’re someone who wishes they could lose a few pounds, and maybe you only drink one soda a day.  And that doesn’t sound so bad.  Yeah I hear ya.

Ok but 1 can of soda has 140 calories.  Drink that once a day for a year and you’ve taken in 51,000 extra calories. 

And I’m guess what....51,000 calories = 14 pounds of fat.

What if you switched out that daily soda?  Or whatever favorite sugary drink you drink everyday?  For a whole year? 

Think it might help?

Here’s what I did to rethink my drink...

I started replacing my daily soda with Fortune Delight tea. Fortune Delight is a powdered drink mix that you add to water.  It’s made from plants, fruits, and herbs and has only 10 calories.  The reason I drink this tea instead of other ones?

  • It nourishes with healthy hydration
  • Cleanses with natural antioxidants
  • Fortune Delight is 4 times more concentrated than traditional green tea
  • Balances and energizes your body without a sugar or caffeine crash
  • Zero sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners
  • No added caffeine or chemicals

To place your order for Fortune Delight Tea, CLICK HERE.

Monday, March 29, 2021

How to make a Fortune Delight Tea mocktail

Find yourself keeping a 12 pack of soda in the fridge these days?  And drinking a couple everyday, even though you’re into your health?  Or maybe coffee is more your thing.  And you’re drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, and feel yucky and shaky after.

Bad news?  The situation won’t fix itself.  You have to take action and do something different. 

Good news?  It’s not as hard as you think.  If you have the right tools and techniques to use. 

If you’re someone who knows you need to take the first step and change what you drink everyday, I have something that might help...

Fortune Delight is an herbal tea that assists in your body's natural cleansing process. Made from real fruits and herbs without sugar, Fortune Delight Tea is a natural health drink mix that a nutritious replacement for sugary sodas and high caffeine energy drinks.

I love to make great tasting mocktails with Fortune Delight.. This week I made raspberry Fortune Delight gimlet.  No calories, no sugar. 

Wanna make?  You’ll need fresh raspberries, lime juice, raspberry Fortune Delight, and Sunnydew stevia.  Shake it all up in a cocktail shaker.  So good.

To place your order for FORTUNE DELIGHT, CLICK HERE 

Monday, March 22, 2021

No More Large Sodas For Me Thanks To Fortune Delight Tea

I used to go to a drive thru once a day because I could get their large drinks for $1.  And I didn’t even have to get out of my car.  But when I started actually keeping track of how many calories and how much sugar is in that large $1 soda, I couldn’t believe it.

You ready for this guys?  1 large soda at your local drive thru has 314 calories and 84 grams of sugar.  That’s equal to 20 teaspoons of sugar. That’s more sugar than is in 8 slices of chocolate cake!

So I stopped driving thru for my daily soda.  And I switched to our plant based drinks with no sugar.  And no chemicals either.  I can drink them all day long and not worry about calories and sugar.  And I’m not ever going back.  Nope.

Here’s what I did. I started making this plant based drink at home and drinking it all day, instead of soda or unhealthy drinks. It’s made with plants, fruits, and herbs and doesn’t have any sugar or chemicals in it. 

The reason I drink Fortune Delight tea instead of others is because it’s concentrated so it has four times the amount of antioxidants as regular green tea. I also like that it helps your body to cleanse using it's natural cleansing process 

 What makes it different from green tea is that there no caffeine in this beverage. Fortune Delight will also offer hydration and energize you with plants and herbs! 

This drink is not sweetened so I pair it with our Sunnydew stevia. This is the only stevia I have found that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or chemicals. Our stevia contains just two ingredients and they’re both natural.... chrysanthemum flower and stevia leaf extract. It just takes a few drops. Fortune Delight comes in peach, lemon, and raspberry flavors. The peach and lemon are my favorites.