Saturday, August 8, 2009

About Nuplus

A few years ago, my husband Eric and I were eating out for almost every meal, lots of fast food & lots of junk food, mostly because of convenience. But I knew that a diet of junk food grows a junk body. Now, I'm not a "health nut" yet, but I do care about keeping us healthy and alive. What's more important than that? Nothing, for me. So we started eating Nuplus and it's made a difference in our health and energy.

For less than the cost of a fast food breakfast, a serving of Nuplus contains 14 Chinese all natural fruits and vegetables in a packet. It's a powder that I just mix with chilled juice to make a delicious shake.This is juicing, plus so much more, without the hassle or expense. It is the fastest way to get the most nutrition from the fewest calories.

I just put Nuplus in a blender with fruit juice and ice to make a delicious, power-packed smoothie in the morning and I'm set for the day. These smoothies have become my morning ritual and are very easy and convenient for me. After drinking these smoothies I 've noticed that I have plenty of energy throughout the day and less cravings for junk food which all shows what a daily dose of good nutrition can do. Each packet of Nuplus is the perfect way to get natural antioxidants and so much more fruits and vegetables, without hassle.

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