Thursday, January 16, 2020

My Secret Weapon

“I don’t understand it, my kids have been sick every single month.  And sometimes even twice a month.” That you? 

That was me. Back in August.  I was frustrated because even throughout the summer my girls had been sick almost every single month.  Winter was worse.  It seemed like one of them always had a cold, runny nose, or that dreaded cough that lasted weeks and weeks.  I felt like we spent our entire winter indoors with some kind of bug.

Well I got fed up with all the sickness in August and I decided right then and there to do something DIFFERENT. 
And guess what?  Because I did something DIFFERENT this winter has been DIFFERENT.  And I’m over the top with happiness.

Want to know what I did different?  I started feeding them “my secret weapon”.  And it’s made a big difference. Yep.

Ok so my secret weapon is 3 things... first its a packet of 14 Chinese fruits and veggies to NOURISH all their little cells and fill in the gaps since they don’t eat healthy all the time.  

Second thing is a product that has 50 different vegetable herbs that NOURISH the body’s five major systems including the immune system and respiratory system.

Third thing is a product that is vegetable herbs for immune system support.  To NOURISH and strengthen the immune system.

How do I get my kids to eat these things?  Well it’s actually pretty easy... All three of these products are in powder form so you can put them in a blender and mix them with some yummy fruits and juice to make a smoothie that the whole family can drink everyday.  Yep, I drink it too.

This is my secret weapon.

But what’s the catch? (cause there's always a catch, right...)
It’s not free. It does cost….
It’s not some cheap $10 bottle of vitamins.
But it’s not $400 either.
And you’ll have to make a smoothie everyday.

So are you ready?  Tired of you or your kids always being sick.  Want to try something DIFFERENT to fix the problem?  Because if we don’t do anything different, we are just going to keep getting what we’ve got.  Need help setting up something DIFFERENT?  

Message me on my website CLICK HERE and say “I’m ready!” and this could be the year things are different for you and your kids.