Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Why Sunbreeze Oil is the only essential oil I ever need.

I’ve had several people ask me if I market essential oils and the answer is YES!  The company I market products for, Sunrider, has been making an essential oil called Sunbreeze Oil since 1982.  And I just love it!  Honestly it’s the only essential oil I need and use.  I used it on all my clients when I worked as a #massagetherapist and they loved it so much, they would buy a bottle to take home with them.

I call it my 911 oil because there are so many things I use it for.  Achy neck and shoulder muscles.  Headaches.  Pain in joints and muscles.  Nausea.  Stress relief.  Sunburns. Coughs.  Allergies.  Stuffy noses.  Burns from my curling iron.  I don’t know what I would do without it! 

 Sunbreeze Essential Oil is a Chinese essential oil for people with achy shoulder and neck muscles and headaches who want something natural for pain relief. My clients love it because it's made from 100% pure and natural ingredients, no chemicals. Made from the essential oils of flowers and herbs, including Cassia Oil (chinese cinnamon) and Mint Extract, and it is super concentrated.

To place your order on our online store for Sunbreeze Oil, go to our website HealthyFastFoodStore.com

Saturday, August 1, 2020

No more 2 or 3 sodas for me...

I market a product for people who drink 2 or 3 sodas everyday like I used to.  I thought I was pretty smart.  I could drive through McDonalds everyday and get a large soda for $1.  And I didn’t even have to get out of my car.  

But then I started gaining weight.  And feeling yucky after I drank it.  And I worried because our family has a history of diabetes and I didn’t want to end up with major health problems because I was overdoing it on the sugar.  But the truth is...the more soda I drank, the more I craved it.  I couldn’t stop.

Well I got fed up one day and decided I couldn’t do that anymore.  So I switched to these plant based drinks. That had no sugar and that are made with plants, fruits, and herbs.  They actually made me feel good after I drank them, instead of icky.  I started making them at home and drinking them everyday.  Instead of the large sodas.  

And guess what.  Now I don’t crave my daily sodas anymore.  I don’t even think about them.  And I have more energy during the day, I don’t lay on the couch all afternoon anymore. 

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

What is the product?

It’s two drinks that you make at home and you drink all day, instead of soda.  That’s what I did.  They’re made with plants, fruits, and herbs and they don’t have any sugar or chemicals.  

Want to see if these drinks might work for you the way they work for me?

Book a chat with me either by messaging me on instagram or email me at sunnyegroup@yahoo.com.

And we can see if these drinks are a match for you.