Thursday, November 5, 2009

I keep my Sunbreeze Oil and Calli Tea Handy During Cold and Flu Season!

Cold Season is here which means lots of stuffy noses and sore throats! When I have a cold, I make sure to have my Sunbreeze handy. It really helps get me through!

Stuffy nose? I rub a drop of Sunbreeze Oil on my palms,rub my hands together, cup them over my nose and breath in deeply. If this doesn't clear your sinuses, I don't think anything will! :)

Chest Congestion? When my husband got sick last year, the cold went into his chest and he was starting to cough alot. So he rubbed Sunbreeze Oil on his chest which seemed to soothe it.
Sore throat? Put a drop of Sunbreeze into a cup of hot tea and drink. It feels so good on your sore throat.

The Hot Tea I Choose- Calli Tea

In our home, my husband and I love herbal teas. Just before bed, brewing and sharing a fragrant pot of Calli Tea, a cleansing tea, is our nightly ritual. We enjoy sitting and relaxing over a comforting cup of Calli and talking about our plans for the next day.

Why have we chosen Calli Tea? Well, for thousands of years the Asian cultures have consumed large quantities of green tea to cleanse and to be healthy. It would be difficult to drink enough green tea to actually enjoy the health benefits. However, Calli Tea is very concentrated, which makes it different than other teas. It's concentration makes it rare and unique.

Because Calli is so concentrated, one little tea bag makes a full pot (8 - 12 cups) of hot or iced tea.
Would you like to try Calli Tea and see if you love it as much as I do?

Calli Tea Prices: *Comes in Regular, Mint, & Cinnamon flavors.