Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sunbreeze Oil Hack

Sunbreeze Oil hack for those of you with Show Packs?  My hairstylist sister Emily does this when shampooing her clients at work and taught me this one...

Keep your bottle in the shower so when it’s time to wash your hair you can add a few drops of Sunbreeze  to your handful of shampoo and enjoy a soothing scalp massage.  

Adding Sunbreeze into your shampoo when washing your hair will help increase circulation to create a healthy scalp, is wonderful aromatherapy to balance your mind, and feels like a relaxing scalp massage. Especially soothing if you have a headache.  

But remember to keep the Sunbreeze away from your eyes or you’ll feel like your eyes are getting an icy massage too. 😂


A single bottle of Sunbreeze Oil comes in our Show Pack along with a bottle of Fruit and Veggie Rinse and a 10 pack of Lemon Fortune Delight Tea.  Right now you get two freebies when you order the Show Pack... a tote bag and a shaker bottle.

Sunbreeze Oil also comes in a 6 pack box.

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