Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hair Stylists Love Sunbreeze Oil

I just met a local hairstylist this morning at Starbucks because she had ordered more Sunbreeze Oil.  She likes to keep a stock of this essential oil on her salon shelves to sell to her clients.  In fact she had a client that had wanted to purchase a bottle at his last appointment a month ago but she had completely sold out.  So that's why we met early this morning, because he was coming in again today for a haircut and had texted her that he wanted the oil today.  Awesome!!

She uses a drop of the Sunbreeze Oil in the shampoo everytime she washes her client's hair and they love how soothing it feels on their scalp.   

She has a really cute hair studio!  She has also been selling our Herbal Styling Mousse on her shelves and is out of that too now!

Right now, I'm expanding my company and am looking for other hair stylists and massage therapists who would like to earn secondary income by marketing a product to their clients who have headaches, neck aches, and sore muscles, who want a natural alternative for pain relief.
Do you have any clients who might like to know about a product like that?

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Why They Love Sunrider

What a cute video made by some Phoenix, Arizona peeps! I loved watching this (my aunt is in it,see her at 4:55)! :) Loved seeing how much everyone loves all our different products, especially the dog snacking on the NuPuffs, our pups need whole food nutrition too!!

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