Friday, February 9, 2018

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Hello!  We are Sunny and Eric and we are so happy you're here to find out more about our products.  My family has used these products for 30+ years so since I was little, and we have had great success with them.  Now I use them for my own family.

 Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive a welcome email from me as well as an invitation to join our healthy living online community where you can get questions answered and have access to so many resources if you choose.  I also offer monthly sales exclusively for my customers.

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All the prices are listed on the online store but here is a quick look at the current 2020 Prices for a few of our most popular products.  All of these products can quickly be located on our online store under “Customer Favorites”.

Fortune Delight
10 pack- $12.74
60 Pack- $70.50

Sunbreeze Oil or Balm
6 packs- $66.07

Calli Tea
10 pack- $12.52
60 pack- $70.50

Ready to place your order now?
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