Sunday, January 31, 2021

Three strategies to get your kids (or you) off junk food and how Vitashake has helped us do that.

Three strategies to get your kids (or you) off junk food and on to “healthy fast food”. 

 1. Start including vegetables with meals every single day, even if they won’t eat them at first, because visually seeing them regularly will help promote a more mindful approach to eating. But let’s face it, at first you might also have to find some sneaky ways to actually get the veggies into their stomachs. Try making zucchini bread or adding some greens into their morning smoothie. Getting those taste buds used to the flavor of vegetables even if they don’t know they’re eating them, gets you going in the right direction! 

 2. DIY the junk food. Instead of stocking your cabinets with processed desserts like a box of cookies or a bag of donuts, try making homemade versions you know you or your kids enjoy. If all your desserts are homemade, you’ll eat a lot less weird ingredients. And let’s face it, homemade cookies are much tastier than those prefab cookies you get on the grocery store shelf. 

3. When snack time comes around instead of having crackers, chips, and fruit snacks ready, try offering some fresh fruit and nuts. Some of my kids favorite nuts are pistachios and peanuts. And as far as fruit goes they love bananas, apples, and tangerines so we always have a bowl piled full of these fruits that are easy for them to get to

Another fun 🎉 way I get some healthy foods in my family... Sunrider’s Vitashake.

I make sure my kids and I start our day strong with Vitashake.   For less than the cost of a bag of potato chips, Vitashake contains a generous serving of Chinese plants and herbs and is also packed 14 vitamins and minerals. 

I love how the handy Vitashake packages are perfect for an on the go lifestyle.  Each packet of Vitashake is the perfect way to get natural antioxidants and vitamins without the hassle.

My daughter asks me to make her a shake every single day, sometimes twice a day.  She views it as more of a treat.  But the plants and herbs make her body happy too.  Here is her favorite Vitashake recipe.

*Cocoa Vitashake Recipe- in a blender add-

1 cup almond milk

1 tbsp peanut butter 

1/2 frozen banana

1 packet Cocoa Vitashake

10 drops Sunnydew stevia

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Calli and Fortune Delight Tea- Four Reasons We Should All Become Tea Drinkers


Four reasons we should all become tea drinkers.

  1. Tea contains antioxidants.  They’re called polyphenols and they can prevent or reverse damage in your cells caused by getting older or your lifestyle.  
  2. It has zero calories!  So you can drink all you want without having to worry about weight gain.
  3. It has a rich history.  Asians have been drinking tea for thousands of years to cleanse and be healthy.
  4. Herbal teas can be used to help with a variety of symptoms like nausea, sore throats, anxiety, and sleeplessness. 

The reason I drink our Calli and Fortune Delight teas instead of other teas?  

They’re four times more concentrated with than traditional green tea which means they have four times the antioxidants.  And they help cleanse, nourish, and energize the body.  Cleansing is so important in this polluted environment we live in.  

Our Top Loved Product Pack gets you totally set up with both Fortune Delight and Calli Tea and our Sunnydew stevia so you can make the switch from sugary drinks like soda and juice. 

This pack comes with 8 of our most popular products in all. These are all products our family uses on a daily basis to keep our home non toxic and our family healthy and happy. 

Our Top Loved Product Pack

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Three Drinks That Can Make Your Skin Look Crappy And How Beauty Pearl Has Worked For Me.

Want to get your good looking skin back naturally (you know... if Botox & fillers aren’t your thing)? One way is to make sure what you’re drinking isn’t making things worse.

 Three drinks that can make your skin look crappy?

 1. Alcohol. Alcohol sucks the moisture out of your skin, giving a sunken and washed out look. 

 2. Sweet tea. While tea does contain antioxidants that can boost your glow, sweetened teas can contain 10 tsp of added sugar per serving which damages collagen... leaving your skin saggy and flat. 

 3. Soda. Soda opens the door for several potential skin problems. Caffeine dehydrates the skin making those fine lines and wrinkles really stand out. Plus again... all that sugar can damage our collagen production which is something that helps keep our skin tight and radiant.

Something I do to help me get my good looking skin back naturally is take Sunrider Beauty Pearl.  

Beauty Pearl helps me feel balanced, beautiful, and youthful by nourishing your skin with beautifying herbs, vitamins, minerals in an equally beautiful, pearl-sized pill. Korean white ginseng helps balance hormones to soothe your muscles, mind, and nervous system and chrysanthemum and royal jelly support skin’s natural renewal.  I take one Beauty Pearl daily to nourish my skin from the inside out.

To try Beauty Pearl out and see if it works for you like it works for me, place your order on our online store:

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Looking for single bottles of Sunbreeze Oil? The Show Pack is the way to go.

Looking to order a single bottle of Sunbreeze Oil?  Our Show Pack is the way to go.  It comes with a single bottle of Sunbreeze Oil, a Sunsmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, and a 10 pack of lemon Fortune Delight.  Plus right now you get a free tote bag and a free shaker bottle when you order the Show Pack.

These are 3 ways I’m using the Show Pack these days...

1. I put a dab of Sunbreeze Essential Oil on my mask to help me breathe easier when I’m out and about.

2. After I unpack the groceries on my counter and everything is put away, I put a few drops of the fruit and vegetable rinse in a spray bottle with some water to clean up all the cooties off my counters really good. 😜

3. I like to use a few drops of the fruit and vegetable rinse on my hands during the day like a waterless hand cleanser.

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