Monday, April 5, 2021

Is One Soda A Day So Bad? Here’s Why I Switched To Fortune Delight Tea

If you’re someone who wishes they could lose a few pounds, and maybe you only drink one soda a day.  And that doesn’t sound so bad.  Yeah I hear ya.

Ok but 1 can of soda has 140 calories.  Drink that once a day for a year and you’ve taken in 51,000 extra calories. 

And I’m guess what....51,000 calories = 14 pounds of fat.

What if you switched out that daily soda?  Or whatever favorite sugary drink you drink everyday?  For a whole year? 

Think it might help?

Here’s what I did to rethink my drink...

I started replacing my daily soda with Fortune Delight tea. Fortune Delight is a powdered drink mix that you add to water.  It’s made from plants, fruits, and herbs and has only 10 calories.  The reason I drink this tea instead of other ones?

  • It nourishes with healthy hydration
  • Cleanses with natural antioxidants
  • Fortune Delight is 4 times more concentrated than traditional green tea
  • Balances and energizes your body without a sugar or caffeine crash
  • Zero sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners
  • No added caffeine or chemicals

To place your order for Fortune Delight Tea, CLICK HERE.