Thursday, April 30, 2020

How To Make Your Fortune Delight

Lemon, cinnamon, peach, raspberry, and regular flavors.  What is your favorite flavor of Fortune Delight?  We love peach here with raspberry being a close second! I love that my kids ask for Fortune Delight everyday!  What’s better for them and us than plants, fruits, and herbs + concentrated antioxidants?  I find that switching to Fortune Delight and ditching the sugary sodas and kids drinks is such an easy way to make a change towards a healthier family! 

Ready to have a healthier lifestyle with your daily Fortune Delight?

Fortune Delight comes in 10 Packs and 60 packs.  

Place your order for Fortune Delight on our online store: 

A little video to show you how to make your Fortune Delight.  

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Place Your Order For Nuplus Here

Anyone else feel like feeding their kids is a full time job?
Seems like there is always someone who is hungry and there’s always someone always doesn’t want what I give them to eat!  Feeding my girls is actually the most stressful and time consuming part of my day.
One thing that is non negotiable around here is that they eat their Nuplus packed full with  14 fruits, veggies, and plants everyday.  In less than 30 seconds they get more serious nutrition than they would get in a meal that would take me hours to prepare. 
And then I feel better because I know they’ve nourished all their little cells with all the good stuff their bodies need for the day. 🌱

One less thing for me to worry about. 😊

NUPLUS Every morning I put Nuplus in a blender along with a splash of juice, water, and frozen fruits to made a delicious smoothie. I look at it as more of a treat. But the mixture of all the fruits and veggies makes my body happy too.
Flavors- Naturally Plain, Mixed Berry, Pina Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Simply Herbs, and Original.
Original flavor contains no soy and is available in 60 packs.
1 packet of Nuplus is a blend of 14 Chinese fruits and vegetables in a powdered form that you use to make a shake or a delicious smoothie. It isn’t vitamins or chemicals, it is whole food that your body can absorb.
For prices and to place your order for Nuplus with us, visit our online store at