Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She's Hooked On Nuplus

I recieved this email the other day from one of my customers that I introduced to Sunrider a year and a half ago. She loves Nuplus! What if it works for you the way it's worked for her?

I have to tell you since I started using the Nuplus shake in the morning for breakfast and sometimes dinner I have lost 35 pounds. So I totally attribute it to nuplus. I am so glad you introduced me to that.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do I market healthy fast food?

Why do I market healthy fast food? Lots of reasons.
A few years ago, my husband, Eric, and I were eating out for almost every meal, lots of fast food & lots of junk food, mostly because of convenience. I know a diet of junk food grows a junk body.

I'm not a "health nut" yet, but I do care about keeping us healthy and alive. What's more important than that? Nothing, for me. So we started eating Sunrider's "healthy fast food", and it's made a difference in our health and energy.

Thanks to highly processed junk food and fast food, we are not getting much nutritional value in our food at all.

Most of us are eating way too many empty calories and too much fat and sugar in our diets. One of the changes I'm trying to make to keep my family healthy is this. Eating breakfast in the morning helps us get an energizing start to our day and keeps us from overeating later on. I also start every day out with some good nutrition, so I make a shake with Nuplus. Nuplus is 1

1 Packet of Nuplus is a blend of 14 Chinese Herbs, Fruits and Veggies in powder form that you mix with juice to make a shake or a delicious smoothie.

Each morning I take a half or a whole packet of Nuplus. On busier mornings, I just shake it up with orange juice, but sometimes I put it in a blender with fruit and yogurt and make a delicious smoothie.

I look at it as more of a treat. But the mixture of all the fruits and veggies makes my body happy too.