Friday, June 10, 2011

National Iced Tea Day! How To Make Fortune Delight Tea...

The first day of summer is a few days away but it's already HOT here in Phoenix, AZ. Thank goodness today is National Iced Tea Day!! I figured I would kick off National Iced Tea Day by posting a video I recently made on Fortune Delight Tea. I've had some customers buy Fortune Delight for the first time and not be sure how to go about making it.

The great thing about this tea, is that it's SUPER easy to make! It's so convenient, I carry a packet of this fragrant powdered drink mix everywhere I go and just pour the packet into a bottle of water and shake it up for a healthy drink, much better than soda.

I love that when I'm drinking it, that I'm actually drinking Plants, Fruits, and Herbs! Nothing's better than live enzymes and healthy antioxidants. Much better than sugary drinks, diet sodas, and energy drinks.

This fragrant herbal tea is a great part of a weight management program and assists your body's natural cleansing process which makes it a great drink when you're trying to lose weight.

So sit back, watch my little video, and then go make yourself a nice big bottle of Fortune Delight Tea! :)

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