Monday, April 19, 2010

Why We Started A Healthy Fast Food Store...

When my husband and I first got married almost 6 years ago, we were eating out for almost every meal... lots of fast food, lots of junk food mostly because of convenience. But I knew that a diet of junk food grows a junk body. I'm not a "health nut" yet, but I do care about keeping us healthy and alive. What's more important than that? Nothing, for me. So we started eating Sunrider's healthy fast food, and it's made a difference in our health and energy.

Thanks to highly processed junk food and fast food, we are not getting much nutritional value in our food at all. Most of us are eating way too many empty calories and too much fat and sugar in our diets.

Sunrider's Philosophy totally made sense to me!

1. That our body has the ability to balance and heal itself and can do so with the proper nutrition.

2. True nutrition only comes from whole, live foods (imagine that!).

3. Every person must take responsibility for his or her own health.

So here's what we did. To amp up our daily nutrition, we started replacing junky fast food with two whole food products. It only costs me $2.50 a day, cheaper than a fast food meal.

*A Nuplus Shake every morning
1 Packet of Nuplus is a blend of 14 Chinese Herbs, Fruits and Veggies in powder form that you mix with juice to make a shake or a delicious smoothie.

Each morning I have a whole packet of Nuplus with orange juice or I blend it with fruit to make a delicious smoothie. I look at it as more of a treat. But the mixture of all the fruits and veggies makes my body happy too.


*A Packet of Fortune Delight Tea every afternoon (makes 1 quart of tea)
Made from real fruits and herbs without sugar, Fortune Delight Tea is a nutritious replacement for sugary sodas and high caffeine energy drinks.

This fragrant herbal tea is a great part of a weight management program and assists your body's natural cleansing process which makes it a great drink when you're trying to lose weight.

It's so convenient, I carry a packet of this fragrant powdered tea everywhere I go and just pour the packet into a bottle of water and shake it up for a healthy drink, much better than soda.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Calli Tea Prices Have Been Reduced!

Great news! Did you know that as of March 1st. 2010, my company has reduced prices on all of their products including Calli Tea, to keep up with the current economic condition. You'll love the new affordable prices!

The Hot Tea I Choose- Calli Tea

In our home, my husband and I love herbal teas. Just before bed, brewing and sharing a fragrant pot of Calli Tea is our nightly ritual. We enjoy sitting and relaxing over a comforting cup of Calli and talking about our plans for the next day.

Why have we chosen Calli Tea? Well, for thousands of years the Asian cultures have consumed large quantities of green tea to cleanse and to be healthy. It would be difficult to drink enough green tea to actually enjoy the health benefits. However, Calli Tea is very concentrated, which makes it different than other teas. It's concentration makes it rare and unique.

Calli Tea is an herbal tea that assists the body's natural cleansing process, which I think is important in this polluted environment that we live in.

Because Calli is so concentrated, one little tea bag makes a full pot (8 - 12 cups) of hot or iced tea.
Would you like to try Calli Tea and see if you love it as much as I do?