Monday, January 18, 2021

Three Drinks That Can Make Your Skin Look Crappy And How Beauty Pearl Has Worked For Me.

Want to get your good looking skin back naturally (you know... if Botox & fillers aren’t your thing)? One way is to make sure what you’re drinking isn’t making things worse.

 Three drinks that can make your skin look crappy?

 1. Alcohol. Alcohol sucks the moisture out of your skin, giving a sunken and washed out look. 

 2. Sweet tea. While tea does contain antioxidants that can boost your glow, sweetened teas can contain 10 tsp of added sugar per serving which damages collagen... leaving your skin saggy and flat. 

 3. Soda. Soda opens the door for several potential skin problems. Caffeine dehydrates the skin making those fine lines and wrinkles really stand out. Plus again... all that sugar can damage our collagen production which is something that helps keep our skin tight and radiant.

Something I do to help me get my good looking skin back naturally is take Sunrider Beauty Pearl.  

Beauty Pearl helps me feel balanced, beautiful, and youthful by nourishing your skin with beautifying herbs, vitamins, minerals in an equally beautiful, pearl-sized pill. Korean white ginseng helps balance hormones to soothe your muscles, mind, and nervous system and chrysanthemum and royal jelly support skin’s natural renewal.  I take one Beauty Pearl daily to nourish my skin from the inside out.

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