Sunday, February 14, 2021

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 “My kid has a stomachache everyday and can’t 💩.”- an online comment from a worried fellow mom awhile back.

Truth is most people will recommend something like a laxative that does the work for the body.  And that will do the job... But really isn’t the goal to get that part of the body balanced so it will do the work for itself?  Like it’s supposed to?

This mom was able to nourish her kid’s digestive system with plants 🌱 and hydration so it could work properly again.  Without having to rely on laxatives forever.  And she is over the top with happiness that her kid isn’t crying because of stomaches all the time. 

Want help with that?

One product that has helped balance my kids digestive systems is Vitadophilus.

Benefits of Sunrider Vitadophilus

  • Natural, fast-acting probiotic
  • Promotes digestive balance and immune system health*
  • Supports intestinal comfort and function*
  • Delicious, natural apple flavor even kids love

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