Tuesday, March 16, 2021

How to make healthy lemonade with Sunrider Sunnydew Stevia

I’m always on the lookout for delicious drinks for my kids and myself that aren’t full of sugar or chemicals. One drink my kids always ask for is lemonade!   But the problem is even if you make homemade lemonade, it’s full of sugar.

Well my sister came up with a lemonade recipe that has sugar in it.  And yes it still tastes delicious.  It tastes so good that my kids drink it down and ask for seconds.

What we use instead of sugar is Sunrider’s Sunny’s Sunnydew stevia.  It’s clear and light and doesn’t have a funny aftertaste like other stevia brands do.  And it only contains two ingredients... stevia leaf extract and chrysanthemum flower... so you don't have to worry about what additives are in there to create this sweetener.

Sunnydew Stevia Lemonade Recipe

Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons into a small mason jar.

Add 16 drops of Sunnydew stevia.

Fill the small mason jar with water

Or to make a bigger pitcher of lemonade, watch my video for the recipe.

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