Monday, March 22, 2021

No More Large Sodas For Me Thanks To Fortune Delight Tea

I used to go to a drive thru once a day because I could get their large drinks for $1.  And I didn’t even have to get out of my car.  But when I started actually keeping track of how many calories and how much sugar is in that large $1 soda, I couldn’t believe it.

You ready for this guys?  1 large soda at your local drive thru has 314 calories and 84 grams of sugar.  That’s equal to 20 teaspoons of sugar. That’s more sugar than is in 8 slices of chocolate cake!

So I stopped driving thru for my daily soda.  And I switched to our plant based drinks with no sugar.  And no chemicals either.  I can drink them all day long and not worry about calories and sugar.  And I’m not ever going back.  Nope.

Here’s what I did. I started making this plant based drink at home and drinking it all day, instead of soda or unhealthy drinks. It’s made with plants, fruits, and herbs and doesn’t have any sugar or chemicals in it. 

The reason I drink Fortune Delight tea instead of others is because it’s concentrated so it has four times the amount of antioxidants as regular green tea. I also like that it helps your body to cleanse using it's natural cleansing process 

 What makes it different from green tea is that there no caffeine in this beverage. Fortune Delight will also offer hydration and energize you with plants and herbs! 

This drink is not sweetened so I pair it with our Sunnydew stevia. This is the only stevia I have found that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or chemicals. Our stevia contains just two ingredients and they’re both natural.... chrysanthemum flower and stevia leaf extract. It just takes a few drops. Fortune Delight comes in peach, lemon, and raspberry flavors. The peach and lemon are my favorites.